The School of YES! is different than other camps because they have so many different teachers here and they all teach us very different things about the arts, but even things about leadership and life advice about getting older
— Zariyah
At the beginning of camp I was quiet. Now, I am loud and more free. I’m way more comfortable with being myself
— Katherina
The School of YES makes me feel like I’m going to learn something completely new. A lot of things that I learn here are things I won’t ever learn in school
— Ethan

School Of Yes! is a series of residencies in the Dallas neighborhood schools of West Dallas and Oak Cliff as well as a summer program at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center. This year, at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center summer program, students ages 7-14 will receive free tuition with six stipend positions for youth leaders who will also participate in their own classes. Students learn fundamental techniques of theater, music, dance, visual art, leadership skills and cinematography. Through these multidisciplinary arts classes, young people learn that creativity is a life skill.

The mission of The School of YES! is to give young people the skills to say “yes” to a future of their choice rather than feel pressured into a future defined by their environment.


The Oak Cliff Cultural Center and Cara Mia Theatre Co. in association with Big Thought’s Thriving Minds come together to produce The School of Yes Summer Camp. Nine paid student leadership positions are offered to applicants ages 15-18. Student leaders are responsible in aiding instructors and take specialty courses in cinematography and leadership.



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