Did You Save The Date? by Ariana Cook

Cara Mía's Special Event!

Free Performance Of
El Chuco Loves La Che performed by Rodney Garza

Enjoy great food and drinks while attending a free presentation of the critically acclaimed one-man performance El Chuco Loves Le Che.

VH Casual Dining
1115 N. Beckley Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75203


Eat. Drink. Give!
Join us September 17, 2015 to make your dollars go further!


Digging deeper "behind-the-scenes"..... by Ariana Cook

This week I had a chance to catch up with some of these talented ensemble members, many of whom are the very teaching artists for the "School of YES!", so they wear many hats. Boy, are they a busy bunch! And so creative! I wanted to capture their perspectives from their own unique points of view since they are essentially the "guts" of what Cara Mia Theatre Co. does month after month, week after week to bring the critically acclaimed productions that we've come to love and expect.  

Relax and sit-in with me on these exclusive interviews!


Bella: What attracted you to Cara Mia Theatre Co.?

    Clowning around with ensemble members Stephanie Cleghorn Jasso, Ruben Carrazana and Frida Espinosa-Müller

    Clowning around with ensemble members Stephanie Cleghorn Jasso, Ruben Carrazana and Frida Espinosa-Müller

    Stephanie Cleghorn Jasso: "I saw the trailer for Crystal City 1969....when I attended the audition I was impressed with Executive Artistic Director David Lozano's patience, sensitivity and energy."

    Linda Blase: "David was relentless in his pursuit..... I saw a great deal of potential in the acting and directing...I learned a lot about the Latino community."

    Frida Espinosa-Müller: "Clown and mask work was the kind of theatre I was interested in and my training was in that...found a beautiful and unique element... opportunity to be helpful to the Hispanic community." 

    Ivan Jasso: "They were a Latino/a based company and needed Latino/Chicano actors/actresses. They approached the work and process with a more organic, ensemble building energy".

      Ruben Carrazana: "They fill in a gap in the Dallas theatre's so important to be a part of a close-knit group of artists supporting one another's work."


        Bella: How has Cara Mia evolved over the time you have been an ensemble member and how have those changes impacted you?

        Lighting Designer Linda Blase and fellow Artistic Ensemble Member, Jonah Gutierrez at the Cara Mía Ensemble Retreat

        Lighting Designer Linda Blase and fellow Artistic Ensemble Member, Jonah Gutierrez at the Cara Mía Ensemble Retreat

        Ruben Carrazana: "The company has grown tremendously...the mission has expanded...venturing into new and exciting territory...we've begun to challenge ourselves and our audiences even more."

        Ivan Jasso: "Ensemble includes artists from different backgrounds and longer focused on one specific culture...producing more complex, text based work while still maintaining explorative, movement based roots...I have had more artistic opportunities to grow as an actor and feel challenged to work harder."

          Frida Espinosa-Müller: "Cara Mia works for people that NEED Latino art and culture on a very deep level."    

            Stephanie Cleghorn Jasso: "The ensemble has grown...I have been challenged more as an artist and allowed opportunities to stretch my abilities."

            Bella: How would you like to see Cara Mia evolve in the future?

            Linda Blase: "We might try to develop an advisory board consisting of experienced theatre artists and administrators."

            Ruben Carrazana: "Continue growing and forming new relationships with local and national artists and organizations."

            Ivan Jasso: "Become more connected even more statewide, nationally and possibly internationally." 

            Stephanie Cleghorn Jasso: "More text based plays...allow for more opportunities for our ensemble to showcase our talents." 

            Wow! What thoughtful interview answers! It certainly appears that Cara Mia Theatre Co. is viewed by the Resident Artistic Ensemble as a challenging theatre company, and one which is unique, rewarding and fills a gap in Dallas theatre. There is more work to be done, for sure, but the work of this company has unquestionably grown and can grow to even more heights if given the right opportunities. I sure would like to get David's take on all this, but I'll catch up with him next week when I interview some board members to get their takes on the "business end"... So, stay tuned!  

              SAVE THE DATE! by Ariana Cook

              Building bridges to bring Latino arts to Dallas communities is what Cara Mía is all about!

              • Bridging two cultures
              • Bridging Dallas Communities
              • Bridging kids' futures 

              Without strong bridges to connect our communities to the arts, our cultural life in Dallas would stagnate. Cara Mía Theatre Co. is here to make sure that the culture of Latino performing arts stays intact and in focus by bridging our past to connect our communities to a brighter future. 

              Cara Mía Theatre Co. depends on the support of individual donors like you! North Texas Day of Day of Giving makes your dollar go farther by multiplying your donation on this one day only. Mark your calendar: Day of Giving is an all-day giving opportunity on Thursday, September 17 and Bella will keep you updated and she will share her next adventure here with you all very soon! 

              Bella's Visit to The School Of YES! by Ariana Cook

              Last week Bella spent some time at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center with our School of YES! Summer camp. The School of YES! Is a multidisciplinary arts program designed to give students the tools and skills to say YES! to a future of their choice. The goal is use arts programming to teach young people how to become future leaders in their communities. Bella told us that she likes the acronym for the School of YES!- SOY- because in Spanish, the word "soy" means "I am". The SOY students created a theme song for their program, and the title of the song just happens to be "I am". So this fits really well with what SOY is accomplishing! 

              SOY is a FREE year-long program, beginning with after-school Fall classes, and again with after-school Spring classes, culminating with a four-week long Summer camp. The students are primarily from Oak Cliff and South Dallas neighborhoods. They study dance, theater, film and photography, puppetry, music and signing, visual art, leadership, and create their own play and perform for the public at the Texas Theater in Oak Cliff. This year's play was about environmental consciousness. The students planted a tree and some drought-tolerant shrubs at the entrance of the Oak Cliff Cultural Center as a gesture of commitment to their community and the Earth. Even though tree-planting is not something artistic, this is a perfect example of how arts programming for students can teach young people to think beyond their limits. 

              Watch The Video Here!

              What did the students have to say?  

              Bella sat down and asked some of the students, "What did you like most about the School of YES! and what are your best memories?" Here's what they had to say:

              "The School of YES is very determined and goal oriented. They teach you a lot and it's all geared towards one final performance. The School of YES focuses on so many cultures. A lot of stuff you learn here is stuff that you'll never learn in other camps." - Zaria, age 12

              "Being a part of the School of YES makes me feel talented. At another camp I go to, we just sit around and watch T.V. At the School of YES we are ALWAYS moving and doing stuff. I've made new friends here." - Ian, age 11

              "I like making all the tree of life projects in art class. Coming to the School of YES makes me feel peepers cheepers! That means happy."- Kendrick, age 8

              "The School of YES makes me feel like I'm going to learn something completely new. A lot of things that I learned here are things I won't ever learn at school. I've been to other camps and they aren't like this one. The other camp was more focused on P.E. kind of stuff." - Ethan, age 10

              "I like everything about the School of YES. Being here makes me feel happy. I was shyer at the beginning. I've learned how to get along with and play with different people now."- Cruz, age 7

              "My favorite thing at the School of YES is the art class because it's fun and you get to create all this cool stuff. My favorite memory so far is making the puppets in art class." - Anely, age 13

              "What is cool about the School of YES is that the classes here are so advanced. My favorite memory here is making a short film for our film and photography class. This camp is different from other caps because it's much more centered on learning a lot of things. I want to be a filmmaker when I'm older."- Thomas, age 15

              "The School of YES is fun because you can do so much! I learn a lot! Every class makes a new memory for me, so my favorite memory is dance class! I want to be a dancer when I grow up."- Katherina, age 8

              "My favorite thing about the School of YES is the people and the fact that I learn so much! The School of YES makes me feel all of the emotions! I love it so much that I don't have words for it. The School of YES has much more things to do than other camps. And it's really long. I like being here all day."- Grace, age 8


              Student Leader Program

              Student leader, Maya Pearson in front of the tree and flower bed that the students planted at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center

              Student leader, Maya Pearson in front of the tree and flower bed that the students planted at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center

              Maya is one of the Student Leaders for the School of YES! Summer Camp. Student leaders mentor the younger students, aid the teaching artists and receive a stipend, demonstrating that if they so choose, they can earn a living in the arts. Take a look at the video below that these amazing young people created!

              Programming for School of YES! is made possible with the core group of our ensemble teaching artists. They are talented professionals who offer high-quality arts education to students in need. Bella will visit the ensemble soon and share with you all everything about this wonderful group of dedicated artists. So stay tuned for more reports from Bella the Bridge.....