El Chuco Loves La Che / by Ariana Cook

Join us September 17, 2015 for North Texas Giving Day!

Eat. Drink. Give! Enjoy great food and drinks while attending a 20 minute excerpt of the critically acclaimed one-man performance El Chuco Loves La Che by Rodney Garza!

When: Thursday, September 17, 2015
Where: VH Casual Dining
Time: 6:30 pm- 9:30 pm
Performance: 7:00 PM

VH Casual Dining:
1115 N. Beckley Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75203
Limited seating for this free event!

Bella Interviews Rodney Garza

Bella: What inspired the show?

Rodney Garza:  El Chuco Loves La Che was inspired by a short poem that I wrote and performed for a Latino arts festival in Austin in 2003. Growing up, I noticed that us Chicanos have a penchant for using words that contain the letter 'ch' and/or inserting the 'ch' sound into words that don't originally have it. I wrote this as a tongue-in-cheek homage to the "most important letter of our Chicano alphabet". The positive response that the poem received at that festival encouraged me to write more and in 2005 I performed it as a 30 minute one-act at TeatroFest in San Antonio. In 2006, Cara Mia Theatre Co. commissioned me to lengthen it to a 55 minute piece and it was performed at the Latino Cultural Center for a three-weekend run. Since then, I've performed around the state and it has grown to a full-blown 90 minute "one-man cho."
Bella: Why do people connect to this show?

Rodney Garza:  People connect with the show because they recognize a seemingly "illegitimate" language on the verge of being lost. When I attended the University of Texas, I majored in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. One of my upper division professors told me that I didn't speak Spanish. I replied that Spanish had been my first language and that most members of my family, from parents to grandparents to aunts and uncles spoke primarily in Spanish. He told me that he didn't know what we spoke, but that he was certain it wasn't Spanish. I completed his class confused and somewhat resentful. After I graduated, I came across a book called The Dictionary of Chicano Spanish, with its own sub-section for words that start with the letter 'ch'. In those pages I recognized the language I grew up with, the one spoken by my padre and madre, my abuelitos and abuelitas, and my tias and tios. For me, that book legitimized our language and I have made it a personal mission to use that book as an invaluable resource in my writing.

Bella:  What are some of your favorite experience performing the show? Where & Why?
Rodney Garza:
  By far, one of my most memorable experiences in performing this show was opening night at the Latino Cultural Center in 2006. The night was sold-out, complete with a low rider car show and a colorful zoot suit contest. The energy in the building was electrifying and the audience made me feel like a Chicano Rockstar!


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