Meet Bella / by Ariana Cook

Bridging our past to connect our communities to a brighter future.....

Bella the Bridge has been getting to know Cara Mia Theatre Co. and helping out here in the office and in the field. She is helping Cara Mia Theatre Co. to get the word out about how we are building bridges to bring Latino arts to all of Dallas. She's here to share with you all everything that she has learned so far. So read Bella's special report, and check in for more weekly updates. We're sure glad to have Bella the Bridge on our team!

Bella the Bridge represents the key values behind Cara Mía Theatre Co.'s programming.

  • Bridging two cultures
  • Bridging Dallas Communities
  • Bridging kids' futures 

Join Bella on her journey through Cara Mía's key personnel, programs and donors and we hope you will consider multiplying your donation on North Texas Giving Day this September 17, 2015.