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Sharp Critic


Small Is Beautiful
~By American Theatre Editors, American Theatre

Cara Mía Theatre's Latinidades festival concludes with Frida Espinosa-Müller's stirring Ursula, about a child separated from her mother at the U.S. border.
~Teresa Marrero, TheaterJones

Cara Mía Theatre Company's Latinidades festival continues with Virginia Grise's Your Healing is Killing Me
~Teresa Marrero, TheaterJones

Plays, musicals, opera, concerts, dance — your complete rundown of performing arts companies’ seasons
~John Carder McClanahan, DallasVoice

Taking Flight: A Solo Show About Detention Centers From Cara Mia
~Jerome Weeks, Art&Seek

A chat with the Texas native on her manifesto Your Healing is Killing Me, part of Cara Mía Theatre's Latinidades.
~Gina Weber, TheaterJones

Cara Mía Theatre Company's Latinidades solo festival began with the fantastic Evolution of a Sonero.
~Teresa Marrero, TheaterJones

Check Out Latinidades: A Festival of Solo Shows at Cara Mía Theatre
~Natalie Gempel, DMagazine

Places! Aug. 16-Sept. 4, 2019
~Mark Lowry, TheaterJones

These are the 12 best things to do in Dallas this weekend
~Alex Bentley, Culturemap Dallas

These are the 10 can't-miss shows in Dallas-Fort Worth theater for August
~Lindsey Wilson, Culturemap Dallas

Latinx Stories Front and Center: Cara Mía Theatre Co’s 2019-2020 Season
~Trevor Boffone, The Theatre Times

Inclusion in 2019-20 is top goal for Dallas' Cara Mía Theatre Co.
~Lindsey Wilson, Culturemap Dallas

Cara Mía Theatre Announces Upcoming Season
~BWW Newsdesk, BroadwayWorld

2019-20 for Cara Mía
~Mark Lowry, TheaterJones

Moody Foundation for the Arts increases to $175,000 the amount it's awarding to small arts groups
~ Michael Granberry, The Dallas Morning News

Cara Mia Theatre Hires Its First Full-Time Education Coordinator
Zac Crain, D Magazine

Finalists Announced: D CEO’s Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards 2019
~ Payton Parker, D Magazine

NALAC Fund for the Arts Announces 2019 Grantees
~American Theatre Editors, American Theatre

The Latinx-factor: Dallas theaters tackle hot-button border issues
~Manny Mendoza, The Dallas Morning News

El Festival "Teatro en FUGA" de Cara Mia Theatre —Frida Espinosa M.
Frida Espinosa-Müller, Hoy Dallas

Cara Mía Theatre Mines the Modern Latinx Experience With Teatro En Fuga Festival
~Monica Smart, Dallas Observer

These are the 12 can't-miss shows in Dallas-Fort Worth theater for April
~Lindsey Wilson, Culturemap Dallas

20 Things You Must Do in Dallas This April
~Natalie Gempel, DMagazine

New Plays from Cara Mía Theatre Hit Center-Stage in April Festival

The Year in Theater, Part I
~Mark Lowry, TheaterJones

The Year in Latinx Theater
~Teresa Marrero, TheaterJones

Fantastic Voyage: Cara Mía Theatre Co. and Mexico City's Laboratorio de las Máscaras bring back the incredible Tina's Journey, which is even more timely.
~Teresa Marrero, TheaterJones

Mexico City and Dallas theaters make ‘Tina’s Journey’ Together
~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News

Cara Mía Theatre Co. again delves into raging immigration debate with ‘Tina’s Journey’
~Obed Manuel, Dallas Morning News

Voices with Pebbles: Alex Alpharaoh: AUDIO
~Voices with Pebbles

Review: ArtsEmerson’s one-man show documents realities of DACA
~Ally Rzesa, the berkeley beacon

Tracing an immigrant’s precarious journey in ‘WET’
~Don Aucoin , The Boston Globe

Uncertain Times :: Alex Alpharaoh on His Show 'WET: A DACAmented Journey'
~Killian Melloy, EDGE Media Network

'WET: A DACAmented Journey' Makes You Feel Every High And Low Of One Man's Efforts To Gain Citizenship
Carolyn Clay, wbur90.9

A DACAmented Journey: VIDEO
~Jackie Bruno, The Scene

WET: A DACAmented Journey
~Clinton Campbell, EDGE Media Network Contributor

"'A DACAmented Journey' se estará presentando en Boston hasta el 25 de noviembre"
~Tibisay Zea, El Planeta

Onstage, Alex Alpharaoh Channels His Greatest Fears About Being Undocumented
~Denise Delgado, The ARTery

For this noncitizen, there’s risk in every performance
~Jeremy D. Goodwin, Boston Globe

Theater: Alex Alpharaoh puts his own DACA story on stage
~Jody Feinberg, The Patriot Ledger

'WET: A DACAmented Journey' Takes On A Timely Topic
~Jim Braude/WGBH-TV's Greater Boston

‘WET: A DACAmented Journey’ Makes you feel every high and low of one man’s efforts to gain citizenship
~Carolyn Clay,

~BBW News Desk

TACA Awards New Works, Residencies: Four arts organizations receive a total of $150,000 for new works; and three get $50,000 for artist residencies. Cara Mía receives one of each.
~Mark Lowry,

See Me, Hear Me: Alex Alpharaoh makes a funny and moving plea in his show WET: A DACAmented Journey, presented by Cara Mía Theatre Co. and Ignite/Arts Dallas.
~Teresa Marrero,

Q&A: Alex Alpharaoh -The LA-based performer on launching the tour of WET: A DACAmented Journey in Dallas for Cara Mía Theatre and Ignite/Arts Dallas.
~Jan Farrington,

Taking a risk, a Dreamer performs ‘WET: A DACAmented Journey’ at Theatre Three
~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News

Latinx Roots in the Lone Star State: Cara Mía Theatre Co.'s 2018-19 Season
~Trevor Boffone



Best of Big D 2018: Best Theater - Cara Mía Theatre Co.
~D Magazine


Our Stories actors share their personal trauma through live storytelling
~Miguel Perez, Dallas Morning News


Immigration is a hot topic in Cara Mía's new four-show season
~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News


 Three cheers to Addison Police, Fred Rogers, Cara Mia Theater
~Letters to the Editor, Dallas Morning News



Dallas patrons support lauded Latino theater company at sizzling gala
~Lindsey Wilson, Culture Map



Alumnus, Student, Staff Member Earn Awards for Service, Dedication
~UTD News Center


Far Out: With the world premiere of Where Earth Meets the Sky, Cara Mía Theatre Company offers a work of sci-fi theater that is created by, and about, women of color
~Teresa Marrero,

Cara Mía Theatre's futuristic 'Where Earth Meets the Sky' flips the historical script on colonization
~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News

 Dallas theatermaker straddles the stage and page for her latest project
~Lindsey Wilson, CultureMap

Legend Lessons: There's much to take in with the premiere of Yana Wana's Legend of the Bluebonnet, beautifully co-produced by Dallas Children's Theater and Cara Mía Theatre Company
~Teresa Marrero,

The Texas state flower inspires a tale of indigenous peoples' pride in 'Yana Wana's Legend of the Bluebonnet'
~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News

 Hell's Kitchen: Cara Mía Theatre and Prism Movement Theater find the recipe for uproarious laughter in Gog and Magog: Two Clowns Trapped in Hell
~Teresa Marrero,

In love and on stage: Meet the married co-stars of Cara Mía's Gog and Magog: Two Clowns Trapped in Hell
~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News


Meet Ariana Cook of Cara Mía Theatre Co. in City Center and South Dallas
~Jonathan Chang, Voyage Dallas



'Women Speak, Men Listen' Sparks Action on Sexual Harassment
~NBC Channel 5 Dallas - Fort Worth


‘Women Speak, Men Listen’ - Inspired by #metoo, Cara Mía Theatre Company and Human Rights Initiative will co-host four conversations called Women Speak, Men Listen.
~Mark Lowry
January 9, 2018

'Women Speak, Men Listen' forums aim to turn Dallas conversations into action
~Nancy Churnin
January 8, 2018

"Deferred Action" and "Dementia": Two outstanding productions at Encuentro
~Eric A. Gordon
November 15, 2017


In the play 'Deferred Action' the call to end DACA comes from an unexpected place
~Margaret Gray
November 10, 2017


'This Land' is whose land?
~Kevin Roderick
November 12, 2017



Speaking Truth to Trumpism: Plays on some pet presidential subjects—immigration, U.S. history, the presidency itself—stir uneasy new resonances
~Jim O'Quinn
October 24, 2017


Even On Stage, Dreamers are 'Deferred'
~Wei-Huan Chen
October 9, 2017


Encuentro De Las Americas- 14 Theater Companies, One Vibrant Celebration
~Broadway World News Desk
September 29, 2017



American dreamers: Play about childhood arrivals makes tour stop in Denton
~Lucinda Breeding
September 14, 2017


'Deferred Action' Drama: Timely And Now On Tour
~Jerome Weeks
September 11, 2017


Backstage Bits: Dreamers, white supremacists, transgender rights center stage in new Dallas shows
~Nancy Churnin
September 7, 2017


VIDEO: Deferred Action Play Shinning A Light on DACA
~Christina Flygstad
September 5, 2017


VIDEO: President Trump Reportedly Decides to End DACA, Theatrical Play About DACA Begins Tour in Dallas
~Maria Guerrero
September 1, 2017


Cara Mía presenta ‘Deferred Action’ en Dallas, obra de teatro sobre Dreamers
August 31, 2017



Two 'Dreamers' Speak Up About Possible End Of DACA Program
~Dianne Solis
August 31, 2017


Cara Mia Theatre Co.’s Deferred Action Is Using Its Second Run To Tour Texas And California And To Open Up Dialogue About Immigration.
~Obed Manuel
August 23, 2017


Cara Mia’s ‘Deferred Action’ To Tour to Denton, Houston And LA
~Jerome Weeks
August 8, 2017


Cara Mía Theatre Co. travels beyond Dallas for its 2017-18 season
~Lindsey Wilson
August 3, 2017


2017-18 for Cara Mía Theatre: Dallas' acclaimed Chicano company has world premieres by local and women writers.
~Mark Lowry
August 3, 2017


River Poetry: Cara Mía Theatre Company creates visual and sonic beauty with the world premiere of Caridad Svich's De Troya, the first production in Arts Mission Oak Cliff
~Teresa Marrero
May 4, 2017

Cara Mía on the move: New play inaugurates new space at Arts Mission Oak Cliff
~Nancy Churnin
May 4, 2017


Arts Mission Oak Cliff Gets Its First Production, Featuring Music by Tom Hagerman of Devotchka
~Katy Lemieux
May 3, 2017


Antigua iglesia Winnetka se convierte en nuevo centro cultural en Oak Cliff
~Javier Giribet
April 28, 2017

Yemaya’s Belly at Cara Mia will stoke your famished soul
~Christopher Soden
March 15, 2017

In Yemaya’s Belly, Cara Mia Theatre Tells a Universal Immigrant’s Story
~Ashley Roque
March 10, 2017


'Yemaya's Belly' by Cara Mia is a poignant glimpse of an 11-year-old trying to escape to America
~Nancy Churnin
March 6, 2017


Coming Home: As Cara Mía Theatre opens Yemaya's Belly, guest director Marisela Barrera writes about returning to Dallas to work with the company she once led as artistic director
~Marisela Barrera
March 4, 2017

Yemaya's Belly Asks Whether the American Dream Is Good, or Even Real
~Katy Lemieux
March 2, 2017


'Body Movin' Dallas actor and teaching artist Ivan Jasso uses his body to transform into characters - on stage and in class
~Hady Mawajdeh
March 2, 2017

2016 Year in Review - DMN                              ~Nancy Churnin                                        December 28, 2016



Latinx Theatre - American Theatre Magazine ~Noe Montez                                              November 29, 2016


TheaterJones Nuestra Pastorela Review  ~Teresa Marrero                                     November 23, 2016


CriticalRant Nuestra Pastorela Article   ~Alexandra Bonifield                                November 18, 2016



Dallas Observer Nuestra Pastorela Interview                                                             ~Katy Lemieux                                          November 18, 2016



DMN Nuestra Pastorela Review                          ~Nancy Churnin                                        November 21, 2016



CriticalRant Nuestra Pastorela Review                                                                ~Dr. Darise Eror                                         November 21, 2016


Sharp Critic CC69 Review                      ~Christopher Soden, Sharp Critic                  October 10, 2016


Crystal City 1969 Review                                ~Teresa Marrero, TheaterJones                  September 27, 2016



Crystal City 1969 Impact on Cara Mía Theatre ~NancyChurnin, Dallas Morning News September 30, 2016



D-FW Theater Critics Forum Honors              ~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News    September 6, 2016


Cara Mía Hires Community Action Curator ~Mark Lowry, TheaterJones                              August 22, 2016


Demanding Action and Attention to Latina/o Theatre in Dallas: Deferred Action by David Lozano and Lee Trull
~Trevor Boffone & Roxanne Schroeder-Arce
June 30, 2016


Not Willing to Wait for It: ‘Deferred Action’ Tackles Immigration
~Alexandra Bonifield, American Theatre Magazine
May 3, 2016


Review: Call To Action
~Teresa Marrero
May 2, 2016


Review: ‘Deferred Action’ at Dallas’ Wyly Theatre Seems Ripped From Headlines
~Mark Lowry, Fort Worth Start Telegram
May 3, 2016


Review: Playwrights Shed Uneasy Light On Latino Political Loyalty
~Obed Manuel, Latina Lista
May 2, 2016

Ivan Jasso Is Now Center Stage
~Phillip Morales, Mercado Bilingüe
April 30, 2016


Work In Progress: Deferred Action
~Shelby-Allison Hibbs,
April 28,2016


New Drama ‘Deferred Action’ Finds High Stakes Political Drama In Immigration
~Jerome Weeks, Art & Seek
April 27, 2016


Deferred Action Shines A Powerful Light On The Children Of Illegal Immigrants To The U.S.
~Jennifer Smart, Dallas Observer
April 26, 2016


Dallas Theater Center's 'Deferred Action' Tackles Immigration Issues
~Mark Lowry, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
April 26, 2016


They Expected Their Play On Immigration Wouldn't Be Timely. They Were Wrong
~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News
April 22, 2016



1 Director Talks Texas' Politically-Charged Theater
~Arnold Wayne Jones,
April 22, 2016


7 Incredible Dallas Women That Deserve More Attention Than The Real Housewives               ~Katy Lemieux, D Magazine Front Row
April 19, 2016


Year in Review                                            ~Mark Lowry,                          January 1, 2016



Year in Review                                      ~Alexandra Bonifield,                 December 31, 2015



Year in Review                                              ~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News December 23, 2015



Spanish Translation of 'Jersey Boys'
~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News December 18, 2015


Broadway En Español
~Jerome Weeks, Art and Seek
August 10, 2015



New Season for Cara Mía
~Mark Lowry,
July 29, 2015


Cara Mía's four-show season includes world premiere with DTC
~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News
July 28, 2015

Latina/o Talent Front and Center: Texas Playwrights at Carnaval
~Lindsey Wilson, Arts and Culture
July 3, 2015


TACA New Works Grants Announced
~Mark Lowry,
June 26, 2015


The Sun'll come out...manana! 'Annie' goes bilingual
~Arnold Wayne Jones, Dallas Voice
June 24, 2015


The State of Latina/o Theatre in Texas
~Trevor Boffone, HowlRound
June 5, 2015



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