Searching for the Six Flags of Texas

(Our most popular offering!)

Based on Social Studies objectives for Texas History, Searching for the Six Flags of Texas is a highly theatrical and entertaining bilingual play that covers 500 years of history. Students learn about the roles of Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy and the United States in the story of Texas.

For grades 3-12. Available year-round


Cara Mía Theatre Company entertains with the smallest mask in the world – the red clown nose! Through physical comedy and highly theatrical sketches, students are acquainted with a classical form of theater – the clown!

For grades pre-K through 12. Available year-round.

Flores y Calaveras (A Play Celebrating Mexico’s Day of the Dead)

This play tells the story of a Mexican-American girl and her deceased uncle who teaches her the beauty of the Mexican Day of the Dead tradition. Inspired by the engravings of Jose Guadalupe Posada, this performance utilizes masks, movement, physical comedy, and projections of visual art.

For grades 1 through 12. Available year-round

Juana Inés: The Child Who Loved To Read

This bilingual plays tells the story of Mexican poetess Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, who lived in Mexico during the 1600s when women were discouraged from reading and writing. Through perseverance, Sor Juana overcame many obstacles to become the most celebrated poet in Mexico’s history. Highly imaginative, using movement, puppets and audience interaction, Juana Inés: The Child Who Loved To Read is a great example to children of all ages.

For grades 1-8. Available year-round.

The Wisdom of Viejo Antonio (Great for Cultural Heritage!)

A bilingual storytelling performance that uncovers the mythology and culture of the ancient Maya. Utilizing masks and live music, this show meets TEKS objectives in Theater Arts, Music, History and Cultural Heritage.

For grades 1-6. Available year-round.


We also offer STUDENT MATINEE PERFORMANCES! For booking information, please call 214-516-0706 or e-mail us