Community Conversations

Cara Mía Theatre programs Community Conversations relevant not only to current productions, but also to current social and cultural movements.
The highlight of ‘Community Conversations’ programming is to provide a place for open dialogue regarding an issue with insight from those connected to it.

The Healing power of family traditions and cultural practice

Partake in this lively discussion inspired by the richly intrinsic cultural themes in Bless Me, Ultima. Become enlightened through the conversation, mingle after the conversation over complimentary light meal, and stay for the play.

Saturday, March 2, 2019
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Latino Cultural Center Art Gallery
2600 Live Oak St. | Dallas, Texas 75204




Yosa Alaniz

Since birth, Yosa has been under the care of the Grandmothers. She was trained in the Medicine and Healing Ways of her various grandmothers and aunts. They taught her varied techniques of healing with energy, herbs, sounds, and movement. A Curandera now residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Yosa Alaniz will be traveling to Dallas to speak in Cara Mía’s Community Conversation: The Healing Power of Family Traditions and Cultural Practice.


Martha Samaniego Calderón

Artist and UNT student pursuing her second bachelors’ degree, was born in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, where she lived a most of her childhood. Since she was a child, she felt a great passion for the vibrant colors and warmth of her Veracruz culture. Martha had the opportunity to learn new traditions and different cultures traveling through the Mexican Southeast attending drawing and painting classes at the Casa de la Cultura in Cordoba, Veracruz.
Since 2010, Martha lives with her husband and her two children in the United States, a country where she has experienced in her own skin how complex and difficult it is to be an immigrant woman, particularly in the current political times in which there is a constant struggle for the rediscovery of her identity as a Mexican American woman and a great need to find a sense of belonging in such a diverse society without forgetting her roots while building new bicultural experiences.


Groupo Patal Mayan Arts

will present a Mayan presentation as part of the Community Conversation.